Our Current Portfolio

Here are some examples of custom reports that were created for our existing clients. These reports were custom tailored to the needs of the business operations and display some of the use case scenarios. We continue to research and develop new report and database techniques that can be used to further improve internal company visibility with performance & trajectory so that goals can be met and healthy growth stimulated.

Live Portfolio

Production Costs

This is an example of a live report that was created for a customer that allowed them to view the current project costs for a specific employee. We included custom filters and categories that allows the CEO to be able to see where there money is going and on which project. This data is then linked with the other data sources to allow for real-time data to be shown regarding the employees pay rate and company overhead. These kind of reports give the managers in charge visibility into the company at a glance and the ability to make informed decisions.

Project Status

Sales & Leads Mining (Live)

This report is an example of how XML sites/data can be used. This is a report that was created for a customer that had supplied us with an XML live feed. The live feed was then used to populate the data which was then used to generate custom reports based on the customers specifications. This report was created as a demonstration for the customer to see what some of the possibilities are with the data fields that were available in the dataset that they had provided. The customer is now able to have reports that auto refresh every 2 hours and populate the new data from the XML live feed without any additional work.

Sales Reports

BI Developer Portfolio

Enoch 2017 (Developer Portfolio)